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Women in Roofing

Proud to Promote Roofing

WinR Winners 2019

Proud to Promote Award
Sponsored by YIRTG.
This award recognises commitment to promoting the roofing industry as the career of choice for young people.
The winner was Jennifer Kinsella of SPV Group.
Jenny won the award for her commitment in promoting the Roofing Industry through a range of events and school visits.
She is enthusiastic and dedicated to her role with SPV and takes real pride in not only her personal role, but the work carried out by the business.
Diversity Champion Award
Sponsored by Academy Consultancy
This award recognises commitment to promoting diversity in roofing.
The winner was Lauren Pollitt of Wythenshawe Housing Group. Lauren is a Level 2 qualified roofer who is one of very few qualified female roofers in the UK and she now has responsibility for training apprentice roofers. She represents her teams on the company communication panel and has spoken at national and regional events.
The Inspiration Award.
Sponsored by Touchpoint
This award celebrates someone who has gone above and beyond their role, to do or create something of real benefit to our industry and was this award was  and presented by Nigel Brittle.
The winner was Lesley Hughes of the WNRTG.
Lesley has developed the Wales National Roof Training Group over the past ten years, until it now offers comprehensive roof training thoughout Wales and beyond. She had developed apprentice training in an area that has previously not had such training and increased her memberhip beyond expectations.
Maureen Johnson Rising Star Award.
Sponsored by Working Transition
This Award is In memory of one of WinR’s great supporters, business owner and Director of the Institute of Roofing Maureen Johnson, this award celebrates someone relatively new to the industry who is without doubt, destined for great things. 
Danielle Miller won the Rising Star award for her work with the Roofing Corporation where she has done some excellent business development work and the support of Apprentices including nurturing several award winning roofers leading to winning an award for Apprentice support. In a personal level Danielle is studying Construction Management at degree level and still finds time for work as a construction ambassador. We're amazed at her energy and enthusiasm she’s in this category because she’s still under 30. The future is bright!
The Eliana Coutler Business Excellence Award.
Sponsored by Sussex Asphalte
This award also pays tribute to a great lady, recognised in her own specialist discipline of mastic asphalt and beyond for her contribution to the industry and her dedication to promoting opportunities for other women. The winner was Roz Richardson Operations manager with Proteus Waterproofing.
Roz was selected due to the work she has done with Proteus to develop and expand their business incorporating robust systems and procedures, including staff development leading to Awards for apprentice development.
Thank you to our award sponsors
  • Touchpoint,
  • Working Transitions,
  • Academy Consultancy & Design
  • Sussex Asphalte  

2019 - inspiring change


The fourth annual Women in Roofing Conference was a resounding success with over 80 delegates coming together at The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham to consider the Agenda of Choosing Change.

Following feedback from previous conferences, the format of this year’s conference was changed significantly to ensure more CPD, more networking and more debate.

This year’s Women in Roofing Conference recognised issues, proposed changes and sought solutions.

This year’s conference was compered by Mr Kevin Parr who oversaw the day, pulling together key points and facilitating structured debate and ideas to be shared. Kevin is amongst the top speakers recommended by ‘Best 100 Companies’ and has a wealth of experience in compering events and also in the construction industry. He did a fantastic job of facilitating debate to focus on the changes delegates want to see in the roofing industry offering his own personal ideas and stories and ensuring attendees really considered how these changes could be made.

The event was opened by our Keynote Speaker, Mr Kevin M Taylor. Kevin is the president elect for the NFRC and has successfully managed a roofing company for over 20 years. He is passionate about safety and professionalism in the roofing industry and gave an entertaining and enjoyable speech about Embracing change, and an overview of his five key areas where he sees change needs to be enacted in the industry.



Denise Cherry

Changing Attitudes was a lively debate on improving industry image and making roofing more attractive to a wider range of people.

The group proposed more promotions TO underrepresented groups, rather than promotions OF individuals already in the industry – getting the message out loud and clear that roofing in its many guises and various job roles has opportunities to suit most people.

The group also proposed that more companies be encouraged to adopt flexible working practices. It was agreed that a clearer career progression pathway was included in promotions

  • Need to challenge the assumptions- male dominated and unskilled industry with no route for progression and not well paid.
  • We must go into schools more to change attitudes
  • We need to promote to women and also the parents of those interested in construction
  • We need to look at adopting family friendly policies

From 4 P’s to 1M with Maria Willis

Changing Finances encouraged attendees to never underestimate the value of mentors and support and build partnerships on values and ensure you attract like-minded people.

  • Never underestimate the value of mentors and support
  • People are the foundation of your business
  • You need to right people on the bus to ensure the right culture
  • Build partnerships on values and ensure you attract like-minded people

Josh Byrne

Changing Specifications created a lovely debate and summarised that specifications should be clear, concise and unambiguous and that there needs to be more responsibility and accountability and this needs to be shared between relevant parties.

  • The industry needs clearer regulations
  • There needs to be more responsibility and accountability and this needs to be shared between relevant parties
  • Specifications should be clear, concise and unambiguous

Lesley Hughes

Changing Lives offered a toolkit for all delegates to use in regards to mental health. All attendees were encouraged to look into appointing mental health first aiders within their businesses and set targets for the a mount of people qualified to increase for next year.

  • Visit for tool box talks that can be delivered in businesses
  • Appoint a mental health first aider in the workplace
  • Output for next year’s conference for there to be a measure on how many people undertake their mental first aid training

Emma Craig West

Making changes gave attendees the tools and opportunity to investigate opportunities for tax relief for Research and Development

  • Look within the Business to see if there are any areas where R & D has been undertaken
  • Log and R & D expenditure moving forward
  • Contact Emma to see if this could be of interest- they do not charge unless you get some tax credit refunded.

Jo Bowditch

Change Management gave attends time to reflect on themselves, their goals and attitudes and set targets and objectives moving forward on how they could make small changes to add value to their lives.

  • Believe in yourself
  • The power of Reflection
  • Choose your attitude