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Planning for the "New Normal"

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WinR Lead

Kate Whatley - Commercial Director SPV Ltd.

Chair of the Panel

Kevin Parr - PGS Team Limited



Peter Hendrickson- CEO RAM Consultancy 

Mark Mitchell- CEO- Jarvis & Womack, NFRC Regional Chairman

Kate Whatley- Commercial Director- SPV  

John Newcomb – CEO BMF



The webinar will allow discussions around Operations management and planning post lockdown and building business resilience and look at our challenges post lockdown.

  • We will be exploring the New Site Safety Rules (CIC / Build UK guidance) – since the sites have re-opened.
  • What have the employers have had to put in place and how they are managing this.
  • We will be exploring the Roadmap to Recovery document and how this will work specifically for the roofing industry
  • We will be updating on NFRC Advice and Guidance - We will be encouraging collaboration across sector and sharing best practice